Teenager Martial Arts

Our teenager martial arts program is based on Taekwon-Do, the Korean martial art of self defence, but incorporates a more rounded approach to martial arts training by incorporating basic grappling and striking from other martial arts. The students will be in a class specifically designed for their age group and will benefit from our experienced instructors working with them more closely as they develop toward our adult programs.

Teenagers will expect to find more focus on developing key skills required to excel in the martial arts and more focus on fitness and self defence. Because of the focused nature of this class students are more likely to progress at a faster rate.

Today’s Teens are surrounded by negative influences and destructive peer pressures such as drugs, alcohol and even violence. However, studies show that with positive influences and a safe supportive environment, teens can steer clear of the bad and focus on the good.

Many of our teenage students have used this period in their life to remain focused and concentrate on their sport and studies, several have went on to be extremely successful in international competition with 2 Junior World Champions and many other domestic medal winners.

Training at SMAC kept me focused at high school, when many of my friends were out hanging about I was concentrating on my training. I ended up representing Scotland on numerous occasions and travelling all over Europe competing. Best thing I’ve ever done!
Mr Christie
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