The Facility

The Scottish Martial Arts Centre offers members the ability to train in a modern, state of the art training facility spread over 4 main areas;

The Gym

The gym area was specifically designed with the sole purpose of improving the fitness and conditioning of our combat athletes. This also allows our fitness members to benefit from the facilities and train like champions. Featuring two olympic lifting platforms, a range of plate loaded strength equipment, several cable resistance machines and a full range of free weights. If you can’t achieve your goal training here – you never will!

The Cardio Area

Our cardio area gives our members a range of equipment designed to improve their cardiovascular fitness levels. With a range of treadmills, cross trainers, concept rowers and exercise bikes this area is ideal for fat burning and improving stamina.

The Fitness Hall

The fitness hall is a 1400 sq ft fully matted training area that hosts many of our martial arts and fitness classes. Featuring an olympic sized Taekwon-Do ring, the fitness hall give ample space for classes and is home to our speed, agility and plyometric training equipment.

The Martial Arts Hall

The Martial Arts Training area is home to our Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and Taekwon-Do classes. It features a competition sized boxing ring, an MMA training cage and fully mated training area specifically designed for both grappling and striking. This area also benefits from a sliding heavy bag rail and full range of RDX equipment.

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