TKD Tigers is revolutionary course for children aged between 3 – 6 years of age. TKD actually stands for “Total Kids Defence” and has been designed as a life-skills and danger awareness course primarily.Through fun activities and role playing games, children learn how to deal with Strangers, Bullies, Emergencies and Day-to-Day dangers, building their self awareness and confidence at every stage.

TKD Tigers was born out of Martial arts training, with instructors and parents realising the benefits many areas of Martial arts training could bring to young children. The TKD Tigers course is actually based around Taekwon-Do, to teach children fitness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength and basic elements of self-defence, when dealing with Strangers/Bullies. TKD Tigers does not teach children to be violent or to hurt others, rather it encompasses Taekwon-Do training to compliment the core teachings and instil confidence, self-discipline, respect, perseverance and courteousness in all students.

The reward based syllabus lets parents set behaviour challenges at home, kids are then given reward badges for completing these challenges from their instructor. With gradings days at the end of each block, kids are also rewarded with new patches, belts and certificates when they complete this confidence building experience.

The confidence my little one gained from this class was remarkable, the instructors are brilliant with the kids and actually teach them rather than just play games!
Mrs Milne
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